About Us

The Fionn Zarubica Foundation For Arts And Culture is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation.

The mission of the Fionn Zarubica Foundation For Arts And Culture is to improve the quality of people's lives through programs that contribute to the cultural vitality of Southeast Europe. To support and promote the appreciation, preservation, and presentation of art and cultural heritage, and increase access to audiences regionally and worldwide, by creating dynamic educational initiatives and collaborations that explore ideas and introduce innovative methodologies. To provide opportunities for lifelong learning. To serve as a grant maker, program initiator, aggregator of resources, and builder of creative partnerships between artists, arts organizations and benefactors.


  • The Foundation will raise funds, through donors both large and small, in order to provide and organize educational opportunities to numbers of individuals in the field of heritage protection and to promote the arts and artists of Southeast Europe by introducing current trends in collections care, increasing accessibility to the public through exhibitions, as well as to scholars and educators, to bring the cultural and artistic achievements of the region forward, to be preserved for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment for generations to come.

Activities Include

The organization and realization of

  • Permanent education programs
  • Specialized courses and seminars aimed at supporting and furthering the education of museum, heritage professionals and artists in the region
  • Workshops that provide theoretical and hands-on training in museum arts
  • Conferences on relevant issues that affect institutions and professionals in the field
  • Publication of materials resulting from programs and events
  • Web-hosting
  • Resourcing
  • Shared projects with local and international organizations of heritage protection

Core Values of the Foundation

  • Encouraging aspirations
  • Opening doors
  • Supporting conditions that lead to success
  • Expecting excellence
  • Fostering change
  • Creating opportunities
  • Practicing stewardship
  • Developing relationships
  • Broadening the dialogue with the international community

  • The Board
    Fionn Zarubica
    Mila Popović ‑ Živančević
    Nikola Krstović
    Borka Radovanović